About Us

Excellence Through Innovation

Techcoat Services Pty Ltd was conceived in July 1991 when the principal, Mr Carl Montgomery, recognised the need in the specialised coatings market for an organisation which provided customers with tailored solutions to their specific and often unique corrosion problems.

After a long and successful career in the Industrial Protective Coatings Industry where he held senior technical and managerial positions, Mr Montgomery saw that the traditional contracting modus operandi tended to provide standard blanket systems for corrosion prevention/control. Techcoat Services adopts a fresh approach by focusing on the problem from a technical perspective before recommending a custom designed, cost effective solution.

The main objective of Techcoat Services is to provide it’s customers with the independent technical expertise required to solve their corrosion problems. In essence Techcoat Services acts as an extension of the customer to objectively appraise, recommend and carry out required work.

This pro-active approach enables Techcoat Services to fully discuss and clarify all aspects of a job in an open and honest manner prior to costing. This ensures that work undertaken is completed without unnecessary overruns or delays and virtually eliminates extras.

Since it commenced operations Techcoat Services has steadily expanded and has developed into a well respected innovative contracting company which has earned a reputation for solving coating problems where others have failed. In particular they have demonstrated the ability to successfully tackle projects with severe constraints such as highly corrosive chemicals, limited down times and restricted access.

In recent years Techcoat Services has focused on developing systems for some of the most challenging coating problems facing industry and this has led to a range of products offering outstanding resistance to scaling and fouling combined with extreme chemical resistance and high overal durability. The core products are: