General Works

Tank Linings
Techcoat Services design and specify tank lining systems for a wide variety of industries. These tank linings include spray applied epoxies and polyurethanes as well as fibreglass reinforced Combined-Esters. Each coating system is tailored to the clients specific circumstances for use with chemicals ranging from caustic liquors through to concentrated acids and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300°C.

Accustrip Blasting
Accustrip Blasting using ArmexR ( a sodium bicarbonate based media) is a patented soft grit blasting technique offering the unique benefits of an environmentally friendly, silica and blast residue free process, suitable for use while normal production continues without dismantling or masking items/components. Techcoat Services can complement this revolutionary surface cleaning/preparation method with all forms of coating application.

Abrasion Resistant Coatings
Techcoat Services offer a range of abrasion resistant linings for both dry and immersed applications. These linings include high build polyurethanes and epoxies.

Concrete Repair
Techcoat Services are involved with many aspects of concrete and concrete rebar repair, these repairs include the use of rapid setting epoxies, crack injection epoxies and chemical mortars.

Non-Slip and Seamless Flooring
Techcoat Services offer a wide range of seamless highly durable flooring for food and chemical industries which can be applied with a range of non-slip textures at thicknesses up to and over 8mm.

Techcoat Services can waterproof buildings (above and below ground level), swimming pools, storage tanks, commercial planter boxes and suspended concrete slabs.

Pipeline Coatings
Techcoat Services can internally and externally coat pipe sections/lines with a variety of systems suitable for exposure to a range of chemicals for use both in a buried and immersed exposure.

Pipeline Repairs
Techcoat Services manufacture SRC Pipeline Repair Compounds. These compounds are used to repair high pressure gas pipelines without the need to shut down the gas flow during repair.

Fibreglass Drains, Sumps and Bunded Areas
Techcoat Services can protect and reconstruct drains, sumps and bunded areas with fibreglass reinforced Combined-Ester Resins. This work can be either completed with minimum downtime or “on the run” working around normal production

Expansion Joints
Techcoat Services can apply sealants to new expansion joints or fully reconstruct degraded expansion joints to a standard higher than that of the original specification.

Fibreglass Fabrication
Techcoat Services can fabricate a wide range of components with both Combined-Ester Resins and epoxy resins for use in a multitude of chemical and heat exposures.

Industrial Blasting and Painting
Techcoat Services specialised equipment and labour enable them to complete all forms of industrial blasting and heavy duty coating application.

Vaqua/Vapour/Slurry Bead Blasting Cleaning

“Vaqua Blasting” also known as “Vapour Blasting” or “Slurry Bead Blasting” is abrasive blast cleaning using a slurry of glass beads, water, degreaser, corrosion inhibitors all accelerated with compressed air. This is a system used as a superior alternative to dry glass bead blast cleaning, with it offering degreasing, cleaning, and protection of delicate and polished surfaces.

Slurry Blast Cleaning is used on aluminium components, offering an outstanding finish to both new and old motor vehicle engine parts. The gentle nature of the process insures that valve seats, bearing housings and cylinder bores are not damaged in anyway. The in built degreaser greatly facilitates the cleaning of beads from threads and oil ways with reassembly accomplished far easier than following dry bead blast cleaning.