Non-Slip Stair Nosings and Ladder Rung Covers

Non-Slip Stair Nosings perform valuable safety functions in two ways. The first is to provide a safety yellow contrasting colour and the second is to provide a non-slip surface to the stair edge. These two functions combine to provide a visual stair highlight and greater stair tread grip.

Techcoat Manufacturing (a division of Techcoat Services Pty. Ltd.) manufactures and distributes a superior “Safety Yellow” range of Stair Nosings and Ladder Rung Covers. These products are based on highly durable “Fused Alumina” with the Ladder Rung Covers constructed from a preblasted, ready for adhesive aluminium substrate (rather than Galvanized Steel).

Stair Nosings come in 5 standard sizes all 50mm wide and lengths of 580mm, 730mm, 880mm, 1030, & 1180mm. Ladder Rung Covers are manufactured to suit 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 35mm diameter ladder rungs and are cut to length required.

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Techcoat nosings
Nosings based on Silicone Carbide Nosings based on Sand, Quartz or other silica based grits Nosings based on Fused Alumina
Colour and general appearance A base coat of yellow speckled with black grit Generally an even yellow colour An even yellow colour
Non-slip grit hardness Moh hardness of 9-9.5 Moh hardness of 7-7.5 Moh hardness of 9-9.5
Non-slip grit shape Man made grit, sharp edges Mined grit, more rounded edges Man made grit, sharp edges
Non-slip grit durability Highly durable Fair durability Highly durable
Advantages A highly durable non-slip finish Cheaper than either Silicone Carbide or Fused Alumina Nosings. A highly durable non-slip finish that is a solid safety yellow colour and will retain its contrasting colour longer under conditions of heavy fouling
Disadvantages A Nosing that is not uniformly yellow and as dirt collects in between the grit becomes even less yellow. A Nosing of reduced initial non-slip properties and one that then deteriorates faster than either Silicone Carbide or Fused Alumina Nosings. None