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Techplast Antiscale Coatings

Techcoat Service’s has worked closely with the Australian Alumina Industry and formulated a scale reducing coating range specifically for use in Alumina Refineries. The coating when applied to surfaces substantially reduces the adherence of scale and in most cases prevents scale from building up, in other cases the coated surface greatly increases the ease of which scale removal can take place.

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Techcoat Insitu Electrolis Nickel Coating

Techcoat Services can Electroless Nickel Plate tanks and reaction vessels with Hi-Phos Electroless Nickel offering outstanding corrosion resistance and overall durability. This plating can offer a far more cost effective lining to that of inconel cladding. Each plating job is individually designed and completed.

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SRC Pipeline Repairs

SRC High Pressure Pipeline Repair System is a system developed to repair high pressure gas pipelines on the run. The system is designed for the repair of localised areas of corrosion and the resultant reduced wall thickness, it reinstates the pipeline to its original pressure rating and is completed whilst the gas is flowing.

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