SRC Pipeline Repairs

SRC High Pressure Pipeline Repair System is a system developed to repair high pressure gas pipelines on the run. The system is designed for the repair of localised areas of corrosion and the resultant reduced wall thickness, it reinstates the pipeline to its original pressure rating and is completed whilst the gas is flowing.

Once installed the corroded section of pipeline is encased in a fully welded sleeve, this sleeve is filled with an incompressible epoxy filler. The final repair has greater burst pressure to that of the original (uncorroded) pipe.

The photos above show a hydrostatically tested repaired pipeline of a around 5mm thick wall thickness with 2 simulated areas of corrosion, these areas were ground down to around 1mm wall thickness, the SRC repair was completed over the “corroded areas” and the pipeline tested. The pipeline burst beyond the repaired area and an added benefit is that the repair also stopped crack propagation. The repaired pipeline was sectioned and showed the two “corroded” areas, non-compressible epoxy filler and much stronger outer sleeve.

This system comprises of SRC Pipeline repair sleeves, SRC Pipeline Repair Putty and SRC Pipeline Injection Epoxy.

The area requiring repair is abrasive blast cleaned, inspected and the repair sleeves are clamped to the repair area, the sleeves do not make electrical contact with the pipeline, the two sleeves are then fully welded together and the ends sealed with SRC Pipeline Repair Putty. SRC Pipeline Injection Epoxy is then injected into the pipeline/sleeve void and forms a non-compressible grout that transfers burst forces from the inner pipeline to the outer sleeve.

  • High Pressure Gas Pipeline repairs on the run without disrupting the gas flow.
  • Better than new pressure rating.
  • Can be fully installed in a normal shift.
  • Could be modified and tailored to suit a variety of Oil & Gas pipelines and Risers