Techplast Antiscale Coatings

Techcoat Service’s has worked closely with the Australian Alumina Industry and formulated a scale reducing coating range specifically for use in Alumina Refineries. The coating when applied to surfaces substantially reduces the adherence of scale and in most cases prevents scale from building up, in other cases the coated surface greatly increases the ease of which scale removal can take place.

The core product of the coating range is Techplast 502 and this can be used in most applications up to 115 degrees Celsius and is unaffected by all concentrations of caustic liquors and periodic caustic washing. Other products are being developed for use up to 150 degrees Celsius and one version has been tested at over 200 degrees Celsius.

This entire product range has an extremely low “Surface Free Energy” with results in the applied coating resisting the adherence of scale and being inert in caustic liquors, this low Surface Fee energy is maintained over a number of years.

Our clients have informed us that in case studies the coating has a pay back period of 12-18 months and an effective life of 4-6 years.

The coatings are being trialed throughout Australia and in many different areas in refineries, these areas include:

  • Thickener Tanks
  • Washer Tanks
  • Pipeline Spools/manifolds
  • Precipitation Tanks
  • Sand Classifiers
  • Feed Wells
  • Launders Cyclones
  • Flash Tanks
  • Digesters
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Rakes

After 10 years of development and 8 years of trials, Techcoat Services is ready to fully commercialise this product range. It will be applied by fully trained and licensed applicators, each applicator license will cover a specific refinery site, involve full product training, application and mixing equipment and entitle the applicator to exclusive onsite application at that refinery site